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Rushmoor Healthy Living

After our first volunteer work with the Rushmoor Borough Council, we were more interested to help to our community. We thought before to start up our new business we must offer help to our community, so we make and build a better relationship with our community. We make few appointments to the Rushmoor Borough Council office and we share our business ideas on how we can work together. After a few visits, we get in touch with Rachael Austen-Jones from Rushmoor Healthy Living. She invited us to one of the event No.1 route to employment job fair.

On 28th June we did a PowerPoint presentation to a group of Nepalese women who then went on to enrol for this course. On that day, we explained our services to them and how they can get help from us. After that, we have a good relationship with Kelly Margaret, Jobcentre plus in Farnborough and Hazel Prior from Jobcentre Plus in Aldershot, Hampshire. We did a few volunteering jobs with Jobcentre Plus in Aldershot, Hampshire. We helped a couple of Nepalese people to get a job, to make their C.V and consult for applying for new jobs. We had a good experience working with Jobcentre Plus Farnborough, Jobcentre plus Aldershot and Rushmore Healthy Living. We hope we will have a better opportunity to work with them in the coming future.

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