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Emergency First-Aid at Work

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1) Which casualty should be placed in recovery position?

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2) There are three casualties on the ground. Having made sure the site is safe, which casualty will you help first?

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3) What is the rate per minute of chest compressions given to an adult?

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4) How would you recognise chocking?

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5) The aim of the primary survey is to?

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6) When you are performing chest compressions where should you place your hands on the casualty?

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7) How can you best prevent risk of infection when delivering first aid to casualties?

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8) Burns should be placed under cold running water for how many minutes?

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9) A scene survey should be conducted when?

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10) The Recovery Position does what?

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11) The first thing you should do to treat a casualty who is choking severely is?

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12) You’ve checked the quiet casualty, and he’s unconscious. What do you do next?

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13) Which of the following best describes arterial bleeding?

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14) Which is the correct ration of chest compressions to rescue breaths?

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15) Which of the following is the correct sequence for the primary survey?

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16) What is the most effective first aid response for a casualty who is unresponsive and has agonal breathing?

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17) Hypovolemic shock is the bodies response to which one of the following?

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18) How can you best reduce the risk of infection when giving first aid to a casualty?

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19) What are the recommended first aid treatment for a nosebleed?

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20) What are the principles of First Aid?

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