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Choose NepBridge for SIA approved Security Training Courses

Nepbridge Services database holds a good number of SIA approved security officers detail who is ready to take over the job. Also if you want to pursue your career in security, Nepbridge team member has got an enormous amount of experience and can guide you in much proper way. That is why we’ve now introduced SIA approved Door Supervisor and CCTV Operator training courses for those who want to pursue their career as a security officer. Keep in touch with us if you are interested.


We have well-equipped classes for a training course and we are determined to give our students, continuous help if needed. We are working together with some local businesses and the JobCentre Plus to provide our trainee with an opportunity to engage and pursue their career, right after the completion of a training course.

Security Officer (Guard) Training Course

License to work in places such as Retail Security, Corporate Security, Events(non-alcohol served) and more.

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Door Supervision Training Course

The course covers everything from the legal aspects of working in security to the latest physical intervention techniques.

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CCTV Operator Training Course

This course covers everything from the legal aspects of CCTV to practical lessons on equipment monitoring and usage.

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