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Our Story

With a pioneering team of four, we have swiftly positioned our brand as the first recruitment agency led by Nepalese professionals in the United Kingdom, primarily serving in Rushmoor and Kent. In just a short span, we garnered an exceptional response from candidates, enabling us to establish a robust database of local talent specialising in warehouse work, cleaning, security, caregiving, and hospitality.


Our distinctiveness, as echoed by our clientele, lies in our collaborative ethos. We take immense pride in our approach, which emphasises close collaboration with both the local community and businesses. At Nepbridge, we cherish our direct ties with the community and advocate for the belief that talent knows no bounds. We are dedicated to championing traditional Nepalese values of loyalty and hard work while fostering a diverse and inclusive environment for everyone we work with.


So join us, we are a recruitment company but at heart, we are a bunch of good people who love providing a great service.

Our Vision

To be the trusted employment service provider for cleaning, security, hospitality, care and warehouse sectors.

To help solve employment and recruitment challenges that businesses and candidates face.

Our Mission

To provide our clients (business & candidates) with the highest level of service, simplify their employment/recruitment needs and offer the most up-to-date employment advice.

Our guiding principles

Excellence – We adhere to the highest standards in all that we do.

Integrity – We maintain an authentic and transparent approach in all our interactions.

Dedication -We are loyal to our candidates’ and clients’ long-term goals.